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29: I Am Not Aquaman

February 07, 2019 Episode 29
Comical Start
29: I Am Not Aquaman
Grant's Comic
Mark's Comic
Comical Start
29: I Am Not Aquaman
Feb 07, 2019 Episode 29
Mark and Grant
Comics are Ink Pen and Rubes.
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Mark is in a new apartment, so he and Grant wonder if they are terrible neighbors. It was also Grant's birthday.

Grant brings an Ink Pen comic, and Mark asked how Grant injured himself. However, Grant prefers to discuss how adult responsibilities are no fun. Your co-hosts discover freedom isn't always what it's cracked up to be.

Mark brings a Rubes comic to talk about marketing. People buy beer with their diapers, and larges instead of mediums. And remember, being cool matters.

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