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76: My Hyena Patronus

January 02, 2020 Episode 76
Comical Start
76: My Hyena Patronus
Mark's Comic
Grant's Comic
Comical Start
76: My Hyena Patronus
Jan 02, 2020 Episode 76
Mark and Grant
Comics are Jake Likes Onions, and Red and Rover.
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It’s a New Year! However your hosts recorded this well before it occurred, so there isn’t much to share. Grant had a rough weekend with adulting, so Mark tells him a joke. Grant doesn’t know how to vamp, but both hosts had cookies at work.

Mark brings a Jake Likes Onions comic. What animal abilities would your hosts like? Grant has no idea, so a bonus comic is read. Eventually, Harry Potter trivia is discussed.

Grant brings a Red and Rover comic to discuss authenticity, but the wheels come off before your hosts even begin.

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