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63: A Very Vague Topic

October 03, 2019 Episode 63
Comical Start
63: A Very Vague Topic
Grant's Comic
Mark's Comic
Comical Start
63: A Very Vague Topic
Oct 03, 2019 Episode 63
Mark and Grant
Comics are Frank and Ernest and Berger & Wyse.
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We apologize for Grant’s poor audio quality. It’s better than the last time things broke, but still not ideal. Mark and Grant talk about their days as they recover from travel.

Grant brought the same comic as Episode 39, so luckily Mark noticed. Grant quickly switched to a Frank and Ernest comic so they could talk about self-improvement. They each have some things to get better at.

Mark brings a Berger & Wyse comic to discuss book clubs. How beneficial are they, and how would your hosts handle doing one outside of school?

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