Comical Start

58: Enjoying Puddles

August 29, 2019 Episode 58
Comical Start
58: Enjoying Puddles
Mark's Comic
Grant's Comic
Comical Start
58: Enjoying Puddles
Aug 29, 2019 Episode 58
Mark and Grant
Comics are Poorly Drawn Lines and Baldo.
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Mark and Grant talk disc golf. Both have very limited experience, but are impressed by talented people. Mark and Grant determine new listeners might be okay starting with Episode 5.

Mark brings a Poorly Drawn Lines comic to talk about water and the way it forms in nature. It’s a calming, nostalgic section of the episode your hosts invite you to relax with.

Grant brings a Baldo comic to talk to Mark about the nature of advice. Who do we give advice to, and when should we do it?

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