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56: I Got Swindled

August 15, 2019 Episode 56
Comical Start
56: I Got Swindled
Mark's Comic
Grant's Comic
Comical Start
56: I Got Swindled
Aug 15, 2019 Episode 56
Mark and Grant
Comics are Calvin and Hobbes and Cornered.
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Grant annoys Mark for the second week in a row, and they talk about their weekends. Mark provides a public service announcement about museums for your benefit.

Mark brings a Calvin and Hobbes comic, hoping to have a pleasant, civil discussion about frozen treats. Your hosts carefully avoid the topic of popsicles, and differ on the experience of brain freeze.

Grant brings a Cornered comic as he attempts to navigate moving some friendships to the next level. It’s a tricky situation, and Mark isn’t sure how to help this week. However, we do learn about a word Grant uses incorrectly.

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