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49: Passion For Birds

June 27, 2019 Episode 49
Comical Start
49: Passion For Birds
Grant's Comic
Mark's Comic
Comical Start
49: Passion For Birds
Jun 27, 2019 Episode 49
Mark and Grant
Comics are Calvin and Hobbes and Eyebeam.
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Mark has started running, so he and Grant discuss how that's going and the difficulty Mark has with the local topography.

Grant brings a Calvin and Hobbes comic. He wants to know how Mark deals with the incredibly annoying people who always try to start conversations. Mark's solution is simple, as usual: don't talk to people.

Mark brings an Eyebeam comic, and it isn't funny. To make up for that, your hosts have a discussion on the finer points of fair food, particularly those native to the Minnesota State Fair.

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